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ZTC Chandigarh started in June 1, 2015 and is located at Aspire Tower, Plot No 55, Industrial Area Phase –I, Chandigarh. Few Flagship programs of ZTC Chandigarh are on Programme on Working Capital and TL Assessment, Documentation of MSME, Agri , Gold loan & SRA products, Programme on NPA Management for RBG Officers, Programme on Empowerment of RM/ROs, Programme on Customer Service, Programme on Cyber Security.

Glimpse of ZTC Chandigarh equipped with all modern equipment and best in class faculties

Contact ZTC Chandigarh Team

Smt. Shashi Shivrain, DGM, ZTC Head

Mobile: 9818944366
Email: shashi.shivrain@idbi.co.in

Smt. Shweta Vohra, AGM, ZTC

Mobile: 9717831249

Shri Rohit Sehgal, Manager, ZTC

Mobile: 9915076448
Email: rohit.sehgal@idbi.co.in

Training Calendar

Zonal Training Center, Chandigarh
Training Calender Q4 (January 2022 - March 2022)
Sr No Programme Name Duration Date(From-To)
Target Participants
1 Programme on working capital and TL assesment level- I 3 days   New RBG Branch Heads including SME- AO in grades A/B/C 
  01-Batch   5-7 Jan 2022       
    7-9 Feb 2022
2 Programme on Induction of Executive to AM 6 days   Officiers promoted from Executive to AM
  01-Batch      10-15 Jan 2022  
  02-Batch      17-22 Jan 2022  
3 Programme on Documentation of MSME, Agri ,  Gold loan & SRA products 2 days   RBG Branch Heads including SME- AO in grades A/B/C
  01-Batch      10-11 Jan 2022  
  02-Batch   14-15 Feb 2022  
4 Programme on Official language Awareness                                            1 days   Officiers in A/B/C from all verticles
  01-Batch   13-Jan-22  
  02-Batch    11-Feb-2022  
5 Workshop On KYC,AML & GST                                           1 days    SOM/ASOM
  01-Batch   14-Jan-22  
  02-Batch   18-Feb-22  
6 Programme on Newly recruted  Executive Induction                                                                               6 days 31 Jan-5 FEB 2022 Newly Recruted Executives